Official doc about make a customized OS based on SLES11SP1?

hi all,

I am looking for SLES11SP1 official doc about make a customerized OS?

our requirement is add/update some packages in SLES11SP1, and also remove some unnecessary packages from SLES11SP1.

we are doing fine this work on SLES10SP1/SP2/SP3. but same method on SLES11SP1 doesn’t work well. We are facing a lot of problems, such as:

  1. content.asc issue
  2. packages files issue, it seems that SLES10 doesn’t required validate package.en.gz, but SLES11SP1 does require.
  3. even packages manager initilaztion is fine, and ISO does contain our update packages, installation fails because of CD media device is umounted unexpectedly, and then /var/adm/mount/AP_0x00000001 is not file. not sure the reason why Cd media device got umounted during installation every time.

so we would like to find offical doc about how to make a customized OS based on SLES11SP1 ?
if anybody can point out the doc location, it is highly appreciated!

Hi, you might want to take a look at SUSE Studio:
SUSE Studio

Actually, we would like to do this by ourself. we even are doing fine with SLES10SP3, but same method on SLES11SP1, it doesn’t work.

I do not know if the answer given by ah7013 satisfies your needs. When yes, that is fine.

But you should be aware of the fact that this is the openSUSE forums and not about SLES. SLES/SLED is serverd at NOVELL FORUMS.