Office File Server Build Specification Help!

Hi mates,

I am building planning of using opensuse as the os for a file server i am thinking of getting.

these are my problems…

I have a budget of £ 1,500 pounds to spend on this project. this file server is to be networked to a 3 office workstations for sharing and storing files only.

what are the hardware spec required for me to get a fast file server running… please list out every parts i would need to build this file server as am not much techie on pc parts.

this server would have autentication, regular full and incremental back up plans,

below are some spec i have listed… am i missing out anything?

3.Processor (intel or AMD which is better and cheaper)
4.Ram.memory(am considering 8GB too small?)
5.RAID connectivity( i have no much idea abut them)
6.Hard- mirrored drive( solid state or which is better???)
7.Power supply unit(redundant)
8.power cords(which suld i go for to complement PSU)
9.PCI erthernet cards with 2 slot support
10. optical drives swtches( which to use ??? compatibility issues?)

thanks mate

The way you put the question is not for this forum. You’re asking us to build your entire network infrastructure incl. specs on paper. That’s a professional job, not a forumn question.

Welcome to the forums anyway.

If you don’t define what “fast” means, how will you know when you have attained your goal? Fast means different things to a computer animation worker and an office document worker. And there are lots of other requirements you haven’t defined yet.

It sounds like you are starting from the wrong end, you are looking at the elements of solutions before defining your requirements.

If you think that’s too hard, then take the £1500 and go online shopping for a server at say Dell and see what you can get. Not satisfied with what’s you get for your money? Well, then you must have some preferences after all, otherwise anything goes as long as it fits within the budget, right? :wink: