OenSUSE 11.2 x86 64 KDE Where is PyGTK?

I am trying to install comix-4.0.4. Comix was in the repos in openSUSE 11.1 x86 64 but it’s not in 11.2. Where do I find the needed pyGTK to install it from the python script?Comix - GTK Comic Book Viewer [download]
pysqlite seems to be needed and its not found when I search the in the software manager either. The only error the python script returned was for pyGTK.

This was integrated into KDE 3.5 very nicely in openSUSE 11.1
I am about to give up on KDE 4.3 as it seems stuff I like and the ways I do things are no longer allowed. Too much good software is missing and some ugly **** has replaced it or it doesn’t exist at all anymore. I can’t even put the panel where I want it in KDE4.

it’s called python-gtk and python-gtk-devel in openSUSE, search for it. It’s in the repos :wink:

Thank you nothing like not even having the same name.

How is a end user supposed to know this?

Dunno, sometimes they change package names for whatever reasons. In such cases, when searching, enable “description” and “what provides”. It will broaden the search in yast and may increase chance of finding it. When I did this and searched for pygtk, it gave me python-gtk and python-gtk-devel and description of python-gtk stated PyGTK

Both of those files are already installed according to the software manager. However they are an older version than is required bt comix-4.0.4

Rolling back to a comix-4.0.2 (the same one in openSUSE 11.1) and installing the python imaging library allowed the software to be installed.