OEM install?

Hey all,

I was just curious if openSUSE 11 or 11.1 has the same option as Ubuntu does regarding an OEM installation method. I can’t find it anywhere if it does exist. I know I found an OEM program in the Kiwi directory, and it’s included on the DVD, but wasn’t sure if it was an option upon starting a type of installation. Do I have to re-spin my own openSUSE 11 or 11.1 version? Thanks in advance for any info you can give me!

Just what are your concerns regarding OEM. I have never had issue with it.

The last time I checked, there was no way to install openSUSE 11 via OEM install, meaning that after the install the computer goes to the end user and they take care of their user name and password and all their modifications. I am a Novell partner and they only support the SLEx versions. I know when I tried out the newest Ubuntu, 8.10, there was an option on the grub screen after the burned disk was booted up with that option. I’m a system builder who promotes Linux and while this isn’t a huge obstacle for me to overcome, I was just curious as to how to do something like this in openSUSE if it was even possible.

No idea. I had the wrong end of the stick before.

Sounds unlikely anyway.

Would Kik work?

Build Service/KIWI - openSUSE

Can you clarify a bit more - the openSUSE installation in its latter stage does ask for user name and password, and then optionally configures video, sound, printer, etc. Or do you mean something different by “modifications”?

Heres what he is talking about:
alot of the the times when you buy a computer or a laptop from a company it is usually installed with an OEM which isn’t a finished install, the customer has to finish the install when they hook up the computer, so thats what he is asking if opensuse has something similar or can be done

Exactly, Havoc… I’m glad you explained it better than I did! Sorry for the confusion, but that’s it. I saw an OEM program in Kiwi, and since that program is on the openSUSE 11 DVD, I wasn’t sure if it was possible or if I had to re-spin my own version using that program.

Here’s the program:

found off of this URL:
Index of /repositories/openSUSE:/Tools/openSUSE_11.0/i586

(also for x86_64 too)

OK, got it. I’m not aware of such an animal (but that certainly doesn’t mean there isn’t one).

A have a somewhat kindred interest, creating special purpose spins and appliances. The pieces for what you want to do are pretty much all there. I like this overview openSUSE News » YaST Tools for Creating Installation Media and Appliances of the 3 main building blocks that are on the kiwi foundation. There are more detailed wiki pages explaining each. The Build Service is working on a Studio applications which integrates and greatly simplifies the process. Might be worth a look.