odrive sync client

So I’m new to Linux, super new to openSUSE. Leap 15.1 KDE. I’m trying to install the sync client for odrive, however I have no clue what the terminal input means or does. Can someone take a look at this and tell me if it will work on openSUSE? I’ve been running this OS for about a month now and it is running perfect. I would hate to try to install this and hose my system completely up.


I don’t know what “RPI” means or if it will work on this OS

Run the following command in your terminal to download and install the odrive Sync Agent to ~/.odrive-agent. This will download the odrive Agent service, the odrive Agent python client, and the odrive Agent binary client.

  • 32-bit Linux

  • 64-bit Linux

  • RPi

         od="$HOME/.odrive-agent/bin" && curl -L "http://dl.odrive.com/odrive-py" --create-dirs -o "$od/odrive.py" && curl -L "http://dl.odrive.com/odriveagent-lnx-64" | tar -xvzf- -C "$od/" && curl -L "http://dl.odrive.com/odrivecli-lnx-64" | tar -xvzf- -C "$od/"             od="$HOME/.odrive-agent/bin" && curl -L "http://dl.odrive.com/odrive-py" --create-dirs -o "$od/odrive.py" && curl -L "http://dl.odrive.com/odriveagent-lnx-64" | tar -xvzf- -C "$od/" && curl -L "http://dl.odrive.com/odrivecli-lnx-64" | tar -xvzf- -C "$od/"

I’m not familiar with “odrive”. However, “RPi” is probably a reference to the “Raspberry Pi” computer. You can google that if you are not sure what it is.

Without actually setting up and running, the 64-bit code you’re asking about should run fine on a typical LEAP 15.1.