Odoo 8 dependency problem

I am trying to set up an Odoo server in OpenSUSE 13.2 but since all documentation is related to Ubuntu or Red Hat it’s not clear what to do for SUSE.

So far I have installed PostgreSQL and set up a user for the database. I have also installed all the Python packages that are required excpet one of them: pychart.

I have installed it from software.opensuse.org with one-click-install but it is called python-PyChart instead so the Odoo installer can’t find it. I got the message “nothing provides pychart” when I am trying to install the latest Odoo rpm-package.

What can I do to make Odoo find it??

Or another question would be why is it not any package available for OpenSUSE anymore? Up till OpenERP 7 (as it was called earlier) and OpenSUSE 12.x it was a package available in the repo.

Often these edge application are supported by individuals and they lose interest change jobs, die what ever so you want the job?:sarcastic:

Apparently, but I think that SUSE have the potential to become the perfect operating system for Enterprise Resource Planning and Web-shop servers. Together with AMD’s upcoming ARM Opteron servers it is an interesting low-budget option for small companies and start-ups. I am evaluating it now and am a bit astonished over the bad documentation and package support available for OpenSUSE. One of the weakest points of SUSE compared to Ubuntu and Red Hat IMO.

Btw, I managed to install it by compiling the source tar-ball instead of the RPM-file…

Use “pip” next time to install unmet python dependency. To use pip, enable or ad the python develop repository, then install “python-setuptools” and “python-wheel”. Then as root in the konsole type “pip install pychart”