Oddity in xterm and boot

I upgraded one of 4 machines here from Leap 4.2 to 4.3; te least imporant asI wated to test first. It seems OK but two oddities strike me

1: After boot ad log in my initial xterm has a black bar behind/above the top of the window frame. Moving the xterm it goes away but can come back on change of focus. Why? What is it telling me? This is running fwm as WM ad no gnome or KDE
2. On booting i jst see a bright spot and no animation or picture, but on shutdown it looks like 42.2 did. What is happening? Does it matter?

I’m not seeing that here.

I did just restart one of my systems, and logged into “fvwm”. It looks fine to me.

However, I did have some “xterm” strangeness a while ago, which seems to have been related to bug 1050256. Perhaps you have a related problem, especially if you are using Intel graphics.

The good news, is that updates available today should fix that bug.

No change after upgrades. Not just xterms but any window may have the black top.

Looking more closely at the boot screen there are 3 light question marks with no animation.
Is this reasonable? So far 42.3 has given real installation issues.

Is “drm-kmp-default-4.9.79_4-5.2” installed? I was guessing that this would fix your problems. But you might have a different issue.

Looking more closely at the boot screen there are 3 light question marks with no animation.

The “animation” is these question marks showing up one at a time. This is the text version of the plymouth splash screen. It shows up when plymouth doesn’t like something about your graphics.

I had that happen a lot, mostly in Tumbleweed. So I turned it off (removed “splash=silent” from the grub boot line). Now I see the boot messages instead. But I don’t think seeing those question marks is any reason for concern.

Yes drm-kmp-default-4.9.97_4-5.2 is installed but black bars continue.

I see splash=silent in /boot/grub/menu.lst but now no indication that it is booting…no terminal output.

New problem is that fonts in emacs are all wrong. Will try a rebuild of emacs