Odd splash screen after monitor change

I have just changed from a 23" 1920x1080 monitor to a 27" 2560x1440 and use the ksplashx-suse splash screen - the one with a black background plus “green plant” and the usual suse animal. I have also switched to a dvi connection as I understand the usual vga isn’t suitable for this resolution.

It’s a Dell untrasharp monitor. The odd thing is that the black is speckled with grey. Badly with the default brightness that they come set too which is way to bright for normal use but the effect is still there with much reduced brightness levels which if anything are still a bit too bright.

My previous viewsonic monitor didn’t have this problem even before I calibrated it. I haven’t calibrated this one yet but wouldn’t expect it to make that much difference in this area.

I’m wondering if this is down to scaling the splash screen. If so I may be able to make a better job of pre scaling it if I I new where and what it was and if this is possible. Must admit I also have some interest in changing the colours as well but like the design.

I’ve just improved it again by dropping the contrast as well but am still curious about the effect.


Bit of confusion here. Splash sheet - I mean the standard desktop background. There doesn’t seem to be any way of changing this and is as I described.


You can change the desktop background by right-clicking on an empty space and choosing “Desktop Settings”…

And yes, the standard openSUSE wallpaper is NOT completely black. Just open it in a picture viewer of your choice to check. It’s located in /usr/share/wallpapers/openSUSEdefault/contents/images/…:wink:

Thanks. There is nothing like consistency. Most desktop general settings are where indicated in system settings.

I looked at the image with the gimp and found that the background is a mix of differently coloured pixels. Intent seems to be to obtain a blue black so picked one of the ones used and then used the colour select tool and bucket filled - nice even black now.

Had me worried for a while. I always choose monitors based round reviews on tftcentral and thought oh no I’ve bought a duff one.

An interesting aspect is that the new file 100% quality jpg is 169.7 kb. Original one 1.6mb. Just goes to show how varied the actual background was. I can’t help wondering what monitor the arty person who did the design used to do it. rotfl! One thing for sure my new monitor has more dynamic range than the previous one as I didn’t notice anything odd at all on that one.


I keep the default BG for about 5 min then change to something more interesting LOL

:wink: I’m a traditionalist. I usually like the default Suse style backgrounds after a while. Once when they changed I used to just try and make them look more like the previous one - now I give them a few weeks. Often I can’t see much of it anyway.

I plugged the previous monitor in and restored it’s default settings and the problem was very clear with that one too. I did calibrate that one on 11.4 and that usually involves brightness reductions and contrast changes.

Now I have to see which splash screen is used for log in and change that too.

Currently my eye is drawn to the dithering on the plant edges, same style as the background. Way to coarse in this case. Might try doing something about that too. I shudder to think what some of the scenes might look like if done the same way.