Odd problem with vnc vs local login

Trying to straighten out a printer problem over at the office, I logged on
as the user having problems via vnc. HP Device Manager was giving grief -
wouldn’t start because it couldn’t find an All-in-One device. Being in a
hurry, I deleted the .hplip folder and all came back to normal BUT…

I had the secretary (who’s ID I was using via vnc) login and try HP Device
Manager. She was getting the same error as before I had removed and
rebuilt .hplip yet I was able to run it remotely at the same time. I had
her delete the .hplip folder from her end and then we were BOTH able to run
the manager.

OK, i can understand the problems with the device manager - BTDT when it got
confused before with 4 different HP printers online over there. My
question is this: Why did she still have issues from a local login when I
had none from a vnc login? Is there some sort of caching of that .hplip
folder going on? I’m sitting here scratching my head trying to figure out
why we both had to delete and rebuild the folder. It’s all working now but
I hate solving a problem without understanding the odd mechanics.

Will Honea