Odd mouse and Gnome behavior with new video adapter

opensuse v42.1
linux 4.1.20-11-default x86_64
gnome 3.16.2
asus 2560x1440 monitor

This is an odd issue.

I invested in a new video adapter, a VisionTek unit based on Radeon r7 360. Its performance is quite excellent. It replaces an otherwise fine adapter, a radeon hd4770, whose fan had become irritatingly noisy. There are two significant issues with the new adapter and the default video driver.

First, the pointer icon flickers. It flickers like a candle does, in a somewhat random manner. Even weirder, it is worst at the top of the screen and become progressively less flicker-y as the pointer moves lower until it is about a third of the way down, where the flickering stops.

Second, and worse, if the screen is blanked and restored, the response time to mouse clicks becomes quite extended, initially about 2 seconds instead of instantly. If the screen blanks again, the response stretches to 8 seconds.

I have turned off screen blanking/locking to prevent the issue. My (wild-ass) guess is that part of the desktop goes into a “sleep” mode and does not wake up when the screen is restored.

Neither of these was a problem with the older adapter.

Has anyone seen such peculiar behavior?
Is there a better forum for exploring this?