odd login screen after fresh install of opensuse 13.2

Recently I lost the old opensuse 13.2 by an accident and decided to fresh install it on the same computer.due to some reasons I decided to install minimum texted based X server.right after initiall installation I installed gnome desktop.then I changed systemd default from multi-user to graphical. unfortunately I don’t see the normal login screen which I used to it and I see nearly an ugly blank shaded no color screen with a box of xconsole.besides when I login also there is a Super+L shortcust for lock the screen I can not lock the sceen any more. searching the web there I found a manual solution of locking the screen by installing the xscreensaver package. again it is not user freindly as befor.

by the way how can I enable lock screen and change login screen theme the same way as normal gnome desktop installation.

thank you

IMHO it is not clear what you did. Specialy when you say " I installed gnome desktop" is very inprecise to me. Did you install the two Patterns?

I thought this being a strange expression. Thus I started a 13.2 installation DVD and worked through it until that particular choice was reached. I found (amongst others):

  • Minimal X Window
  • Minimal Server Selection (Text Mode)

Now please do not try to send your potential helpers into thick fog. We are not at your premisses, can not look over you shoulders and depend completely on your exact and precise descriptions on what you do and see.

Sorry that I didn’t explain clear. the procedure that I installed was as bellow. I have access to internet through two different proxy servers.

  1. by login to a cyberoam proxy server. through it I can download just 1GB daily. when I use this method I must not select any proxy server when install by network install method. also I don’t need to specify user name and password.
  2. by using another proxy through user name and password. when I select to use this proxy I must specify proxy properties when installing though network install, but I had the problem which I explained bellow.

I had a 13.1 installation DVD.when the installation boot screen appeared I changed the install media to the network install(typing download.opensuse.org/distribution/openSUSE-stable/repo/oss in popup menu by pushing PF4). then agian because of installation behind proxy, I filled the appropreate fields for proxy servers.

I don’t know why when choosing the second proxy server explained above, everything was ok till the actual installation started.I mean installation process continues downloading nessesary files and prompted me the graphical installation wizard screen. as always I went through the screens, partitioning, formatting and software selection. At end when I pushed the Install button and respond to verify button the wizard showed me that it is downloading the packages to install them. I saw the proxy information was set in the download text area which is shown when downloading in the screen. Anyhow I don’t know why even the first package download does not completed ant a retry box has been showed(having the retry skip buttons) which claimed that I don’t have access to internet and download will retried in afew seconds. this was very strainge for me because if I did specify wrong the proxy parameters ans authentication the the installation media must not be downloded either. as I explained I was able to see the http://USERNAME:ASSWORD@PROXY@ROXYPORT in install screen wizard.

By the way because I has access to internet and download just 1GB per day without need to specify proxy parameters in the method number 1 above, I decided to install just the “Minimal Server Selection (Text Mode)”, which I think the download size was less than 1GB. everything gone ok. when the installation finished. I selected the all_proxy environment variable and installed the following group packages. sorry if I don’t write the exact names, because I don’t have access to my linux machine now which I am writing this.

  1. X server
  2. gnome base
  3. gnome desktop environment

As I mentioned in my original post I chnged the systemd default through the following command:
“sudo systemctl set-default graphical”

This was the first time that I had problem installing behind a proxy server. I have done it several times befor.

Hoping that I exaplied enough about my problem. Following the above strange procedure, unfortunately the lock screen feature is not available now abd login screen is not so user freindly(nice graphic).

kindly regards

my 2¢’s
by the way you installed first minimal X then Gnome, I think you have xdm set as your display manager.
goto yast->software managment and check if gdm is installed (it probably is)
goto yast->/etc/sysconfig editor find display manager and change xdm to gdm (find it under Desktop->Display Manager)

Thank you

saturday morning I will have access to my linux machine I will try it. the apparent fact is that there is no gdm or xdm service and empty response is the result of the following commands:

sudo systemctl list-unit-files | egrep ‘gdm | xdm’
sudo service gdm status
sudo service xdm status

I am sure gdm is installed, because I have check it before.

I don’t underestand what happened for gdm with opensuse 13.2?. by the above fact do you think I should see anything related to gdm and xdm in /etc/sysconfig editor?

the installed linux has a graphical desktop the same as gdm3.

When you install minimum X xdm gets installed and configured as the default display manager, installing gdm does not set it as the default DM you need to do that on your own, the easyest way to do that is with yast->/etc/sysconfig editor

Thank you
I will try it tomorrow.

Hi I_A

Thank you for previous replies.

As you mentioned I changed the display manager from xdm to gdm, the login screen changed to the one that I used to it with the list of users on login screen. Also I can lock the screen with


key combination.