odd KMail Local mailbox problem

Using the GA of openSUSE 11.2 with all relevant patches, KMail 1.12.4.
Been using SUSE for years, likewise KDE & KMail. Using 11.2 for several months.
Have had various POP3/SMTP based accounts working for quite some time.

Recently I felt I had a need to set up a new account in KMail, to retrieve mail from a Local mailbox.

Right now, I’m just testing. There is no daemon running to automatically retrieve mail from a server for this new account. I’m simply manually running a command from the command line as an ordinary user. The command runs only once, tries to get mail from a server, then exits, does not background itself. I’ve verified that the command I’m using is not backgrounding itself when used this way. I’m not even using the standard location for local mail files; instead I’ve pointed KMail at an ordinary local mailbox file in my $HOME directory to get the mail, and told it to place the mail in the standard inbox folder. So there should be no race-conditions/lock-issues.

When I ask KMail to retrieve mail for only the new account, KMail deals with the ordinary local mailbox file, leaves it empty, but does not place the mail into the inbox folder; the mail just seems to get clobbered.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile: