Odd behavior of gnome-terminal and konsole


We are experiencing difficulties with terminal emulators on Suse 11.1 (x86). We use a terminal emulation standard called wyse60 (we used to have glass terminals and the system still uses wyse60).

Because of this we use a utility call wy60 which converts wyse terminal commands to xterm or vt220 ones. This all worked fine. We has a script using konsole like so:

konsole -e wy60 -c ssh <server>

Then we would assign a kicker launcher to it, and away we go.

However after the upgrade:
a) We switched away from KDE as KDE4 was not suitable. We now use gnome.
b) Our method does not work anymore, but heres the catch. Only on some machines. On those boxes I have been forced to switch to xterm, which is not that user friendly for the sales team.
c) It doesn’t work in gnome-terminal either.


Upon launching the script you see a window appear and quickly dissappear. There could be an error, but it goes to quickly to see.

Launching konsole/gnome-terminal without arguments and manually running wy60 -c ssh <server> works.

I was hoping I could do something like:
konsole -e wy60 -c ssh <server>; read tmp
konsole -e "wy60 -c ssh <server>; read tmp"

This would keep the window up, so I could see any error. Xterm allows this, konsole and gnome-terminal do not allow this and just print usage info.

So really I am stumped and I don’t know where to go from here. It’s a long shot that anyone would know, but it’s worth a try.