October 2009 Screenshot Thread

I thought it was about time someone started an October thread.

I’m quite pleased with my efforts so far, clean, neat, functional, and (in my opinion) more “professional” looking.


OS: openSUSE 11.1 64bit with kernel
DM: KDE 4.3.1
Wallpaper: came with my HP laptop
Style: kde4-qtcurve
Borders: Aurorae decoration engine with the “Glowglass Cupertino” theme (downloaded through the “get new themes” button)
Plasma theme: Oxygen, Icons: kde4-OS-K (kdelook.org)

Here is my OpenSuse 11.2 Milestone 8 desktop.


I just removed a couple of icons from the panel and grabbed the Mustang wallpaper from Desktop Nexus. I was shooting for a clean modern look and am pretty happy with the result. :slight_smile:


100% agree, two thumbs-up;)

Here is my F10 Box. Just had kernel update

Up the Irons!


Fluxbox with pypanel and “A Matter of Life and Death”.


Please if possible delete my earlier post on top of this. There was a problem with the image and the time limit for editing expired. Thanks

Thanks for deleting my empty post;)


I fully agree. :wink:

Do you have also problems with aurorae (lags on window maximize/minimize)?

Thankyou sir.

Thankyou too.

I like it so much I might even keep it for a whole week! I’m hopeless when it comes to desktop customisation, I’m never satisfied. The only thing that’s annoying me now is those blasted taskbar spacers, I make then really small, but they keep resetting to a bigger size. Things like that drive me up the wall.

Erm, a bit I guess, not to the point of being irritating, and to be honest I never noticed till you pointed it out!

It seems to “stutter” a little when minimising, but not really that bad.

I’m going to be installing milestone8 this weekend (I hope!), and I’ll give it a try under there to see if it’s any smoother. That will eliminate any problem I might have introduced in my current install.

Seeing as I’ve been having horrendous problems with my DVD writer for the last few days, I need to find out if it’s a software problem or not anyway.

BTW I’m using the 185.18.36 Nvidia driver if that makes any difference.

BAH! BTW who’s stupid idea was it to limit images in a post to 4? It counts smileys as images!!!

This is a vBulletin default IIRC and IMHO a good one, too.

A very effective prevention against “postings” from some 3xTr3m3 k3wl K1|>z, who think that smilies are the new way of using punctuation.

Not posted my desk for a few weeks, Have not been theme’in



Mine here:

http://thumbnails20.imagebam.com/5190/0610fb51897707.gif](http://www.imagebam.com/image/0610fb51897707) http://thumbnails21.imagebam.com/5190/7ce5e851897708.gif](http://www.imagebam.com/image/7ce5e851897708)
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awesome background :slight_smile:


I use the same driver with an 8800 GT. I think it’s not a driver problem, it has something to do with aurorae itself.
I’m shure they can fix this until 4.4 ;).

And here’s mine for October:

Uh oh, we have a mad scientist here. Please use appropriate safety equipment and clothes. Everyone else, take cover.

/me hides