octave: dmperm: not available

To anyone who got octave:

The issue: whenever I call the function “dmperm”, it gives me the following

error: dmperm: not available in this version of Octave

Typing dmperm(3) gives that. However, dmperm alone gives some instructions on how to use this. So it is seemingly there.

Getting the same thing?

What I got is octave 3.4.0, on openSUSE 11.4 x86-64. I tried with the one in repos contrib, the one in packman, and the one in contrib:Factory. Same outcome.

It could be that there is some missing dependencies that were not specified by the packager, perhaps. This older post Octave - General - dmperm mentioned some packages.

Things I did not have I got installed:
libumfpack5 umfpack-devel bison flex

I could not install “umfpack” as such. It is a source package.

It still does not work.

I don’t know what this dmperm function does and I don’t care about it! It’s just that I need it because I have to use the program dynare, which is powered by octave. Running it will trigger this dmperm problem as well.

So it does not seem to be a dynare issue.
It could be an openSUSE issue with the package.
It could be just about octave (but then how come other distros do not report this?)

Thanks for any help.

the functionality you have in octave depends to a high degree on what of the
optional software was available when it was built, it will not help to add
other software later for most things, since we speak here about build
dependencies not runtime dependencies.
So you have IMO two options.

  1. Download the octave source code for 3.4 and compile it yourself (my
    solution always since I also use the development source code) with your
    favourite settings
  2. get in contact with one of the packagers (from packman for example) and
    report your problem and ask if they are willing to make a new package with
    more dependencies resolved.
  3. There is an octave package in the scorot home repository which is
    probably more feature complete since this repo specializes on scientific
    software, you can give it a try and see if this fits your needs.


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