OC video stability issues.


I have recently over clocked my CPU and Memory, by just changing the FSB speed. Now when I boot to OS11 sometimes I get graphical glitches. These include:

Residual window drawings (when I drag a window it keeps showing it in its previous locations).


Strange colors (When background sideshow changes the new picture gets super-imposed over the old one and where they overlap I get a rainbow effect. Also when hovering over desktop icons the colors change dramatically.)

After the system is on for a minute or two it seems to correct itself.

Things to consider:

I have desktop effects enabled.

My hardware specifications include:

nForce 630i motherboard with GeForce 7150 integrated graphics,
and an Intel Core 2 duo

I unlinked the CPU and RAM speeds and upped the CPU fsb to ~1350 from 1066. I increased the RAM speed from 666 to ~800.

Should I buy another video card? Or have I forgotten something else I should do to increase stability. I’m thinking I should bring it back down to 1333/800 because thats what it says on the box.

Your post suggests the problem occured after you made the changes, though you don’t really make that clear?

I’m just wondering what you do on your box that would require you make such unnecessary changes.

Yes it all happened after I made the changes.

But, I have changed the speeds back to the recommended for the motherboard (they are higher than both the CPU and RAM ratings still). This seems to have made the video “normalize”.

What I was wondering was, since it is a video issue at the higher speeds, is the GPU not keeping up with the speeds?

There are multiple reasons I made these unnecessary changes:P:

Occasional Gaming,lol!
I’m an obsessive tinkerer/modder/performance junkie,>:)

and I already bought another CPU and memory. rotfl!