OBS web interface / unable to upload files

When I create a new package and click the “Source Files” tab, all I get is a title

Source Services

and the a link saying:

Add a service for source processing

but clicking this link just opens a notification window with the message:

Add a source service

So, how can I upload files?

It looks like an issue with OBS. Suggest a post on the mailing list to
see what’s up…

You could use osc

osc co home:vodoo <project_name>
cd home:vodoo/<project_name>

Then put all your files to upload in the directory, then

osc add *
osc ci

The last command will upload them… else you could also build locally
(I create local repos and place the files of the dvds there except
factory) for example;

osc build openSUSE_11.3

I just use a chroot environment as the X2 won’t run xen or kms.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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It looks like an issue with OBS.

Yep, it seems you are right. In the meantime it has been fixed. I get now a bunch of options which I do not really understand. Hopefully this will be documented soon.