OBS Studio Browser source

From what I can tell, OBS-Studio officially added the Browser source to Linux in the version 25 release. I think there were then issues that might have been resolved that resulted in it being temporarily removed from official packages. I’m finding confusing info about whether or not it’s back in the official builds.

Regardless, the Browser source doesn’t seem to be in the obs-studio package provided by Packman, nor is it available separately in the Packman or openSUSE repos. I’ve seen it suggested elsewhere that Linux users get the Snap version, but I tried that several months ago, and it was far more of a hassle than I wanted. I just want something simple, and Snap certainly didn’t seem like it.

So what’s the best way to get the Browser source for OBS Studio on openSUSE Tumbleweed? Do I just build it myself, or are there binaries out there?

I wonder if you would not be better off with your question in the Development > OBS sub-forum.

When you want this shifted, please ask so.

I’m asking about OBS-Studio, aka Open Broadcaster Software, not the Open Build Service.

OK, fine.

All those double/triple/multi mnemonics >:(