OBS Repo for xorg-x11-server 1.12 to maintain compatibility with AMD Catalyst Legacy?

Hi there,

A friend of mine has an older Toshiba laptop with Radeon HD legacy graphics. The open source ATI driver makes it run extremely hot, resulting in constant shutdowns, even with the new improvements in the new kernels. The open source driver simply isn’t an option. The proprietary Catalyst driver, on the other hand, runs nice and cool.

The problem is that the old legacy Catalyst driver only works on Xorg <=1.12. Arch, for example, maintains semi-official repos for Xorg 1.12 specifically for this situation. Would it be possible to offer an OBS repo for xorg-x11-server version 1.12, for openSUSE Tumbleweed (the new rolling branch) and 13.2?

Thanks a lot!

You can set the power profile to low, that should make a difference heat wise (I used it with my HP ProBook 4525s when I had it);


Thanks for the reply! I think I tried that (albeit on Arch), and it still ran extremely hot. It’s probably an option for others, though.

I think there will still be many cases where the proprietary Catalyst (legacy) driver is still preferable or even necessary, which is why an Xorg 1.12 repo would be extremely helpful.

Sounds like dust-bunnies in the radiator then… or time to redo the thermal heatsink compound… probably both :wink:

Most likely. :slight_smile: But at any rate, the proprietary Catalyst legacy driver with Xorg 1.12 on Arch ran nice and cool, so that would be my preferred option on my friend’s laptop, except with openSUSE.