OBS Noob Questions for semi-working project

Complete packaging noob here, so please have mercy on me. I have what is essentially a single .cpp source project that requires openvc4. Its basically “hello world” levels of build complexity. After struggling to make the super flexible Rube Goldberg machine that is OBS do something simple, I finally got it doing obs local build on my Tumbleweed dev box, then got it doing the “real” builds for Tumbleweed targets in OBS proper, which yield installable RPMs. So that’s good. But I have questions:

SLE targets fail at the point where g++ is compiling the singular .cpp source to .o, g++ seems to produce no useful info, it just produces no object modules. I’d like to see the actual command passed to g++. Is there a way to troubleshoot this locally on my Tumbleweed machine or do I “need” a 15.x box to really see what is happening?

Also more generally, when doing local obs builds, and it fails, how do I get a shell ( as abuild in the jailed build environment, preferably where it blew up ) so I can retry various CLI incantations and see what its complaining about?

Also when you have a target that is “excluded” can you find out why and how to fix it?


– Bob

@Bob-O-Rama Hi there :smile: I use osc command locally for everything, but in ~/.config/osc.oscrc I specify a target directory (owned by root:root) to build so I can browse…

There should be build logs? I use osc lbl| less to peruse.

Look at installing qactus if you want a GUI tool to look…

Excluded means no build target AFAIK…

Hi Malcom,

I think I found the source of the 15.x build failures. I have a typo in the Makefile that is reported by g++ with a warning under Tumbleweed, but as an error under 15.x. I don’t recommend dyslexia. As for the non-RPM targets, it looks like that requires description files that are analogous to the .spec files to do those package types.

– Bob