OBS network related issues.


I’m a new being of packaging. I’m trying to package gvisor which is a golang program, so I follow the Packing Go wiki and spec file from devel:Kubic/k3s. But the %goprep marco always failed with this error:

dial tcp: lookup proxy.golang.org on ::1]:53: read udp ::1]:44397->::1]:53: read: connection refused

It seems like OBS won’t provide netwok access during build and prep stage, Is that how things should work?

Thank you.

Correct, you need to unpack the source, cd into the source and run;

go mod vendor

Then create a tarball and add as a source, for an example see;


Thank you so much. Finally got my first package set up.

Is not releated to the topic though, I can’t use _service file with OpenSUSE thumbleweed aarch64, Leap 15.3’s aarch64 target working well though.

It says unresolvable: nothing provides bash-sh.

The link of bash-sh on software page target to bash project in OBS, So I just leave a commit belove, or I should report it as a bug in bugzilla?

That’s because it’s not build for Tumbleweed in aarch64 and in a blocked state for the development project (follow the link 'Developed at top right)



I got it.

So I should use Factory:ARM if I want to build arm packages for Tumbleweed right?

AFAIK that would be better, just make sure you build everything against that repo, or you can linkpac bash-sh from base:System to your local project and enable aarch64 (better IMHO).