Obs dor opensuse leap 15.4

Why is there no working obs-studio package for leap 15.4.
I got an error missing aac encoder when opening obs-studio, installed obs-studio with yast.
Anyone ?

As you didn’t tell how and from where you installed obs-studio…

You should inform the packman team about a missing dependency…if you installed it via packman. If you installed it via a home repository…notify the relevant packager.

But i believe that you installed it from one of the home repos, which has nearly no QA. Better use the packman version which has at least a base QA.

Just installed obs-studio from the software available within yast.

obs-studio is not available in any official openSUSE repository. So check via yast2-software where you installed it from…

IF you installed it via packman, make sure that you have done a proper vendor-switch.

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The start problem can simply be solved by installing “ffmpeg5” from packman repo. After that obs-studio starts just fine.

I have installed the packman version.
There is no ffmpeg5

Yeah, it is ffmpeg-5 :roll_eyes:

Could not install to many errors.

Is it that hard to post the complete output so that somebody might help you?

I have deinstalled just wanted to install
Ffmpeg.ymp but I do not trust experimental packages.

Why is there no obs-studio available in yast for leap 15 4.

Because to run obs-studio entirely you need many patent encumbered codecs.

As you didn‘t show any output it is hard to help you. Installing obs-studio with ffmpeg-5 from packman is a straightforward easy job…

I already have packman in my distro software list for codecs but it give me ffmpeg-4.
Because i have a business to run i cannot afford to ruin my opensuse distro with experimental packages. My main application is blender 3.4.1.

Which output do you mean i only got a graphical
Message aac encoder is needed to start obs.
But the obs install went without any errors.
I have no idea how to install ffmpeg-5 nomally it should be medialibs. Or installed with the packman repository. But unfortunately.

By providing information we mean that you post information provided by the system (by copy/paste of the command and it’s output).

In this case a list of your repos could be of importance:
zypper lr -d

Nad a list of what is installed from where of those ffmpeg packages:
zypper se -si ffmpeg

(both done “as root”).

Sorry i have no time for that just want a working obs for leap 15.4 but all i get are questions.
Please do testing at your own distro its taking to much time from me.

As you refuse to give needed informations, which are necessary to provide you with help…this leads to nothing. You seems not to let you help…

Sorry to hear that you value the spare time the volunteer people here are spending on your problem is seen by you as “testing their own distro”.

I assume many here will not anymore going “testing their own distro”, let alone spending time at trying to help you.


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No problem thanks for your help anyway.
I justed wanted to install obs to give support by also helping people.
Because i use linux with blender it would be easier for me to use obs also on linux opensuse.
But unfortunately opensuse doe not support that out of the box. I think i better switch to ubuntu.

Maybe thats better for you…

I found the reason why YOU can’t open obs-studio without error. You don’t have the necessary codec packages installed…

gstreamer-plugins-bad-codecs (packman)
gstreamer-plugins-ugly-codecs (packman)