OBS does not skip python version?

I’m trying to build a package which builds fine for Tumbleweed x86_64.
The build for OpenSUSE 15.5 x86_64 fails because OBS tries to build for python version 3.6 which is not supported by the package. I specified “%define skip_python36 1”, but still Python 3.6 is not skipped?
Can anybody help? The package is:

Thank you!

To my best knowledge this machinery exists only in Tumbleweed. In Leap there is the single system Python which is 3.6 for the life of Leap 15.x and there is one single backported higher version which is either 3.10 or 3.11 (not sure which one is the current one). There is no automatic creation of Python modules for backported versions. If you want to build for Python 3.10/3.11, you need to explicitly pull it as dependency. You may look at python310-pip for example of how it could be done.

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That explains it, thank you :slight_smile:

Added %{?sle15_python_module_pythons} for the backported python version and added <path project="devel:languages:python:backports" repository="15.5"/> in project meta and now it successfully builds.