OBS 2.5 : project creation error

Hello …

I have installed OBS 2.5 server on opensuse 12.3 .

I am able to login to the server but most of time i am getting 500 or 403 internal Server Error . Some how i was able to login and when i have tried to create the project i am getting below error .

[bda5c8e0-1be7-4902-af09-75b90505e5fa] [19141:1267.06] Processing by SourceController#update_project_meta as XML
[bda5c8e0-1be7-4902-af09-75b90505e5fa] [19141:1267.06] Parameters: {“project”=>“test”}
[bda5c8e0-1be7-4902-af09-75b90505e5fa] [19141:1267.07] Can’t verify CSRF token authenticity
[bda5c8e0-1be7-4902-af09-75b90505e5fa] [19141:1267.16] Rendered models/_project.xml.builder (7.4ms)
[bda5c8e0-1be7-4902-af09-75b90505e5fa] [19141:1267.21] Rendered text template (0.1ms)
[bda5c8e0-1be7-4902-af09-75b90505e5fa] [19141:1267.21] Completed 400 Bad Request in 146ms (Views: 1.0ms | ActiveRecord: 45.4ms | Backend: 7.2ms | XML: 0.1ms)
[f6bb573f-f135-4a8a-8b2a-40116ef16fe1] [19153:1267.11] Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 212ms
[f6bb573f-f135-4a8a-8b2a-40116ef16fe1] [19153:1267.18]
ActiveXML::Transport::Error (<status code=“400” origin=“backend”>
<summary>don’t know how to create a key</summary>
lib/activexml/transport.rb:459:in handle_response' lib/activexml/transport.rb:394:in http_do’
lib/activexml/transport.rb:198:in save' lib/activexml/node.rb:510:in save’

Do i need to Changes anything in /srv/www/obs/api/config/options.yml ??

i run RAILS_ENV=“production” rake db:setup , do i need to run any changes for OBS server .