OBS 1 CLick install Cryptocoins????

I tried to dowlaod the tool f3-qt via YAST-1 Click install.


**results in 10 repositories and one of them ist marec2000:/cryptocoins
that does not look right.

who can have a look

the tool itself is 82kb in size

It doesn’t here. It only shows the packages built by user Simmphonie for TW, Leap 15 and 42.3 . And, these are experimental packages, since they only live in the user’s home:/ repo.

of the the options, only the Leap 42.3 package installer has this issue

you have to click on 1-Click-Install and open the installer

    [home:Simmphonie](https://build.opensuse.org/package/show/home%3ASimmphonie/f3-qt)          Community


I am pretty sure that even for a experimental package, that this is wrong (hack?)