OB on Toshiba CB2 - Assigning function keys

So I have got a copy of Tumbleweed running on my CB2, but I would like to ask a question about the replacement of function buttons.

So if you have seen a chromebook they don’t have function keys, they simply have actions linked to them, so brightness, sound, backwards/forwards/refresh, minimise and multi-window view.
How can I assign these to their respective tasks on OS Tumbleweed? is there a simple GUI app or someway in the terminal?


Not sure if that answers your question, but on the Ideapad 100 I had access to, the things these keys actually do per default (i.e. whether they work as F1-F12 vs. whether they are specialized function keys like Increase Brightness etc.) is set in the BIOS.
The specialized functions (which were the default BIOS setting for that Ideapad) were recognized by KDE’s Hotkeys (shortcuts) module (accessible from the desktop settings), e.g. it showed VolumeUp (or something like this) when I used this key in assinging it to starting some program. Whether they are recognized or not probably has to do with the chosen keyboard type (but that’s just an assumption). I’m not sure about Forward/Back buttons as I don’t have these.

If you are using KDE, I am reasonably sure you can assign things in the shortcuts menu. I haven’t changed any of the settings because all the assignments I want work out of the box.