"-o: command not found" during make

Hi all,
during installation of an application I need to do a “make all” and during that it stops with:

******** some hundert lines ***********
/bin/sh: line 7: -o: command not found
make: *** [bin/scilex] Error 127

What is the best method to find out where the problem is?
Which file is ment by “line 7”?
There is a bundle of Makefile and Makefile.incl and Makefile.incl.in and so on, I’m totally lost here…
From my coding knowledge it looks like the output option -o of a gcc command execution is pointing to nowhere - but this is only a guess?

first, i guess the guru you are looking for might hang out in

so, if you don’t attract the right knowledge here, perhaps you can try
again over there…and, if you do why don’t you mention what
application name/version you are trying to compile…because i guess
someone is gonna need to look at the driving script…

i post that non-answer above mostly to ask you (since i see you have
been in these forums only 11 days) if you actually must compile this
application…that is, did you first search in YaST or at

i ask not to poke, but think maybe you don’t yet know all the ins
and outs of openSUSE and need to read some in such places as
http://en.opensuse.org/Concepts and/or http://tinyurl.com/ktvdr9


As the message comes from /bin/sh, this probably due to a multiline command that is executed out of somewhere in the Makefile. My guess is the line got broken between the previous word and -o, making -o a new command. You really should contact the author of the package and say something is broken in the Makefile.

Hi brassy,
you are right, I will open a new thread in the other forum.
The application I’m fighting with is ScicosLab 4.3, which is not available an YaST, not in the search and not to download the ScicosLab homepage, so I try to recompile it.

Hi ken_yap,
that sounds feasible, I try to search for that line - a good hint, thanks.

Discussion will be continued at the programming-scripting forum