nxmanager problem to connect nxservers

hi all,

i managed to install a running nxserver, clients are connecting well so i want to use nxmanager

ok for installation and logging into admin panel, but when connecting nxservers , i’ve got an error message : **Login failed. The NX Server is not reachable

**but nxserver is up …

i’ve tried to remove nxserver 3.5.0 for 3.4.0 as nxmanager package wants, same problem even connecting a fedora nxserver, a suse nxserver …

if someone has managed to use nxmanager , thanks to help me,


I hope for you someone has, but there aren’t many people running openSUSE 11.1 anymore. So be prepared for answers that in fact belong to the supported versions and that may or may not be applicable to 11.1.