nvme ssd, installer does not use it for installing / partition !

i get a 250 MB nvme ssd connected to mb and other hard disks.

i get already an opensuse 15.0 in a classical hard disk. i want to keep my home partition and reuse it. i don’t want to reuse uefi boot , swap and root partitions.

i launch the installation of opensuse.

at the step of defining partitions installer knows the existence of the ssd and does not use the ssd ! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< is it normal ?
manually i define the disks to use for partitioning: the ssd and hard disk with 15.0.
it uses now ssd to put the root partition. Good. But installer does not uses ssd for uefi boot and swap partitions ? <<<<<<< is it normal ?

Other thing : installer does not use ssd to create a b cache for the home partition hardisk. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<is it normal ?

I’m not sure, but I think that if you click on “Guided Setup”, you can tell the installer which disks to use.