Still does not seem to be any NVIDIA drivers available for RC1 will they be there in RC2?

Would like to use RC1 but can’t without better video but for now have to stick with all this NVIDIA stuff.

Other than that though the release looks good

just install the drivers manually. It’s simple and straight foreward. There are many posts on this forum how to install the Nvidia drivers “the hard way”.

I was able to download and install the drivers from nVidia’s website without any trouble. Their installer has gotten much better from what it used to be.

Thank you I’ve tried it and I keep getting a message say something like no kernal modules available for your kernal. any suggestions?

You should answer “No” to this message and let it compile the module. It can’t get more simpler than that!

Also, it’s kernel not kernal

Most likely not and you are also asking at the wrong place.

The packages are provided by nvidia, so they are the ones to decide, when they provide packages.

In the past few years, neither nvidia nor ati provided packages for development releases.

Make sure you install the prerequisites.
NVIDIA/The hard way - openSUSE

The link in the post lists out all the pre-reqs you need. Just note that the nvidia installer takes care of your x-org config now so you should not have to worry about those steps.