NVidia vs. AMD Grapphics: Looking for Pros & Cons

I am in process of acquiring some new hardware, specifically, HP Envy laptops. Configurations are identical:

Intel i7-7500u

etc …etc… (Windows 10 loaded)

Choice is graphics:

NVidia GeForce 940MX, 2GB Graphics vs, AMD Radeon 530 w/ 4GB graphics

Windows is not an issue, as the HD will be replaced, and a new one installed to run openSUSE 42.3. I have always used Intel graphics, and some older AMD Radeons. I would like to hear the pros and cons of each graphics configuration in a Linux (specifically openSUSE although a copy of Ubuntu will be loaded also).

I own a number of older desktops most of which came with nVidia graphics. I got tired of the extra effort in having to install the nVidia drivers and now use nouveau instead. I am sure that the nVidia drivers are superior but then I don’t play any games and the nouveau graphics rendering is good enough for me. In your case I would choose the AMD Radeon as it comes with more memory, unless of course you plan on playing a lot of action games.