Nvidia v185 Beta

I run OS11.1 and KDE4.2
GPU: Nvidia Quadro NVS 140M 512MB (Dell Latitude D830).

I use Nvidia driver 180.29 and it seems stable. I run Compiz OK.

I read someone mention new Beta-driver(v185) and it works better. I cant find my NVS 140M since its not a legacy-card.

Anyone tried the new Beta? Where to get it?

I’m using it on both main machine and laptop. Works perfectly. But I work, hardly play games.
Don’t bother about not finding the card. It’s recognized, otherwise the driver wouldn’t work. One of the next releases will show it with proper name and all.
Where to get it? Bookmark this one, never need any posts anymore:

Well i went for it! After Googling i found the link.
I had some problem installing it. I had to uninstall manual previously Nvidia-driver and bootet up in init 3. I think i run the install-script 4 times before it manage to build new kernel-module and i was about to give up everything, but suddenly after reboot it came up fine.
Compiz seems smoother and quicker and even Doom3 start to run well. I have been running for one day without any problem. The new beta seems a good step in right direction.


After Googling? I posted the full ftp link :slight_smile:

You are to slow :wink:
I did this before you reply!