nvidia settings

i have opensuse 11.0 on dell xps410 win xp sp3 dual boot system. i have downloaded all nvidia drivers and everything is updatated. the problem is that when i try to use the nvidia-settings program it pops up a dialog box saying i need to run ‘nvidia-xconfig’ in root mode from terminal. i start terminal prog and use ‘su’ to get to root and then run ‘nvidia-xconfig’ as required and receive msg that ‘xorg.conf’ is updated and to restart server. i even checked the file in /etc/x11/xorg.conf in the device section and it shows driver as being ‘nvidia’. i restart system and try again to use ‘nvidia-settings’ and receive same msg again about running ‘xorg-config’ as root.

what am i doing wrong???

many thanks

So your graphics are fine??. it sounds ok if you have ‘nvidia’ in xorg.conf

So are you just wanting to run the config utility from the start menu? What is it you want to achieve?

edit: to add

exit the x server Ctrl-Alt-F1
Use “sax2 -r” for X.Org configuration.

want to be able to change resolutions when i need to. some screens come up to big to choose buttons at bottom. i need 1650 1050 for those and the screen resolution icon only goes to 1280 1050 etc.

What I did to configure my Nvidia, (which many would say is “bad to do”) but the easiest way to edit and configure things requiring root privleges, especially when I know I have more than one thing to do as root -
I login as root user (of course you have to edit root in Yast - Security and Users - User and Group Management) change the password settings and password so that you can login as root.

Hope this helps.

Yes this is very bad! You can do exactly the same without logging in as root.
Open a console type sudo nvidia-settings enter root pass. Now you have it with root permissions. Dead easy and safe!