Nvidia rtx 2070 unable to boot without nomodeset

The installer won’t load without nomodeset.

After installing, tweaking the splash and quiet options in the kernel do not help.

Installing the nvidia drivers do not help the problem either.

Without nomodeset, the screen flashes a few times and then the boot continues (I assume) with no display. I can C-A-D and restart the system.

Adding the nomodeset parameter to the kernel is the only way to get it to boot. I might have considered this a problem, but this page: SDB:nomodeset: Work Around Graphic Upgrade & Installation Obstacles - openSUSE Wiki indicates that this is not normal.

Willing to help debug the issue.

After spending hours trying to resolve it. I did a wipe of the OS and reinstalled it.

I had to use nomodeset to boot the installer, and then it carried it over to grub. Still won’t boot without nomodeset.