NVIDIA raid don't work with kernel 3.8

I have a motherboard ASUS M2N32-SLI DELUXE with chipset NVIDIA nForce ® 590 SLI ™ MCP (defined as the MCP55) with built-in hardware RAID which I have configured as a RAID 0 of 4-HDD

When using kernel 3.8 in the repository Index of /repositories/Kernel:/stable/standard
I no longer identificate raid with a message at boot

ERROR: nvidia: wrong # of devices in RAID set "nvidia_ieigdchd" [1/4] on /dev/sda
ERROR: removing inconsistent RAID set "nvidia_ieigdchd"
ERROR: no RAID set found 

In this case, the base kernel 3.7.10 works fine.

What’s the problem? (In the kernel itself, or in the configuration)
Whom and where (Kernel or openSUSE) to write a bug report? (give me link directly pleace)
And is maybe it some kind of boot options, or editing boot scripts to solve the problem?

On 03/31/2013 02:56 PM, ILYA INDIGO wrote:
> In this case, the base kernel 3.7.10 works fine.

i guess each kernel module to drive that raid is compiled to work
within one particular kernel, and you still have one built for 3.7

or, have you changed it to one built for 3.8?

if not, you are not encountering a bug!

i would not know if you can fetch a ready to run driver module from
ASUS, or if they provide the source so you can compile it locally…

maybe it will eventually be available from packman…have you looked

there is a note on the Tumbleweed page
<https://en.opensuse.org/Tumbleweedhttps://en.opensuse.org/Tumbleweed> about
who should not use it:

Due to the Linux kernel being updated very frequently, users who rely
on proprietary graphic drivers should not use the Tumbleweed
repository unless they are familiar with updating these drivers from
source on their own . . . At this point there is no guarantee to have
all additional modules available in the stable release like for
Vmware or Virtualbox. And while the Packman Tumbleweed Essential
repository attempts to deliver them there is no guarantee they will
always succeed due to the incompatibilities with the quickly
advancing Linux Kernel. The problems with proprietary Graphics
drivers are similar and there is no guarantee they will work
tomorrow, even if they do today. If you don’t know how to compile
your own additional kernel modules and you don’t wish to learn or
keep a very close eye on what is being updated, please don’t use

openSUSE®, the “German Engineered Automobile” of operating systems!

I did not understand anything of what you wrote here.

If I install kernel 3.8, it is natural with it and installs its modules 3.8.

What is relevant to the multimedia repository Packman kernel modules?

I know how to use the Tumbleweed.

On 03/31/2013 04:56 PM, ILYA INDIGO wrote:
> If I install kernel 3.8, it is natural with it and installs its modules
> 3.8.

no, if the modules are for proprietary hardware they will not be
installed automatically…openSUSE does not distribute proprietary