NVIDIA Quadro K1000M

In my Lenovo W530, I have the NVIDIA Quadro K1000M video card; is this card compatible with openSUSE?

Yes, a Linux driver exists…

NVIDIA DRIVERS 304.37Certified

Recommended to install as explained here


That’s great! So this is “new”? I have been hanging back with the W530, keeping it a Win. 8 system because of the NVIDIA.

I guess it’s fairly recent based on the NVIDIA page I pointed you at


304.37 Certified
Release Date:


Right, the Quadro K1000M is supported by the legacy driver (G02).
But why are you pointing to that old version? :wink:

Just install the latest legacy version (304.108) from the nvidia homepage: NVIDIA DRIVERS 304.108Certified (32bit) or NVIDIA DRIVERS 304.108Certified (64bit)

Or install it from the nvidia repo:

sudo zypper ar ftp://download.nvidia.com/opensuse/12.3/ nvidia
sudo zypper in nvidia-gfxG02-kmp-desktop x11-video-nvidiaG02 nvidia-computeG02

With the RPMs from the repo you get updates automatically and don’t have to worry about kernel updates…

Note that this assumes you are using kernel-desktop on openSUSE 12.3, so you may have to adjust those lines accordingly.
If you are not sure, please post the output of “uname -a” to get advise.

I wasn’t particularly - it was to illustrate that support has been added. The 1-click page will take the user to the current. Please don’t be smarmy.

Well, for me that link seemed to imply that only that old version would support the card.
So I thought I would better clarify that to avoid misconceptions.


All good. Hopefully it is now clear to the OP that they should install a recent driver. The only thing that concerns me is that they haven’t mentioned their openSUSE version or kernel version in use.