Nvidia Quadro 140 NVS - a friends question. :)

My above post seems to be a wrong assumption. The latest driver 180.51 actually DID work for him.
Now, on the nvidia-page they say:

IMPORTANT: You need to recompile and install the nvidia kernel module after each kernel update.

Does that actually mean that he NEEDS to recompile the kernel module after EACH SINGLE update that he does via YaST or zypper up?


Mmm did you compile or not as above in the many prior posts it is how you installed it…

If you installed via one clicks or by adding a repo then no otherwise yes. When a kernel update comes through he’ll have to do the grub 3 thing and compile.

Thanks - that cleares the view enourmously. Got a reputation point for that one.
Does anyone KNOW if there will be a driver in the near future that will be updatable for the current kernel? :slight_smile:


Only when there is a kernel update :wink:

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IMHO it’s far easier to install the kernel-sources etc and use the
combination of downloaded nvidia driver and kernel updates to control
it all.

The repository updates may not keep up with a kernel update, and the
the nvidia updates with the latest kernel in a timely fashion.

If installing the hardway, you get the best of both worlds, if there is
an nvidia driver update, you simply drop to runlevel 3 and run the
newer driver installer. If there is a kernel update after the reboot,
login and drop to runlevel 3 and run through the install routine again.

At worst you will spend maybe 5 minutes tops to be back where you have a
GUI etc.

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Yeah… works for him now. Only strange thing is though, that compiz-fusion doesn’t want to play along.
Output of grep Composite /var/log/Xorg.0.log as root tells him

(II) NVIDIA(0): Support for GLX with the Damage and Composite X extensions is

… and thats it. He just told me that some dependencies are not correct and therefore a needed part, the fusion-icon, is not installable.