Nvidia proprierity problem with optimus technology in x-server

Hi all. I have a laptop with integrated intel graphic and geforce640M with optimus technology.
I have installed bumblebee. but the deamon fails to start. it says no nvidia module found.
then I 've installed nvidia properiatary driver 310. it was installed without any problem.
after then x-server wont start and shows error : " no screens found".

How to solve it?
i really need both graphic cards working and switching between them by blumbee.

everyone today nearly have a laptop with integrated graphics and nvidia geforce optimus. but nearly no good resources on the web.

Did you follow the directions in this thread?: https://forums.opensuse.org/english/get-technical-help-here/64-bit/479942-right-nvidia-optimus-driver-configuration.html#post2499941

I followed that and it works fine for me.


Installing the NVIDIA driver when on an Optimus system cripples the X-server. Follow the thread indicated. Works fine on my laptop.

Thanks Dude.
I think the driver in repository installs the formal nvidia driver,but don’t change the xorg config file like the official driver.
i just tried and found that you can install the driver,but must use the previous working config file. in other means ,you install only the nvidia kernel module,but you can’t utilize it until the use of bumblebee.

the first question is why the nvidia does not care about the x-server conf file and cards with optimus enabled by default?
and the second, how to use nvidia for all progs not only for the prog specified by optirun?
i think that x-server must have a stronger architecture.