nVidia PowerMizer help


I’m having problems with my nVidia card (nVidia GeForce 8600M GT) from my laptop (Acer Aspire 5920G) : the screen flickers when the PowerMizer changes the GPU and memory speed. If I set it to maximum the issue will not occur, but every time I restart openSuSE 11.3 the PowerMizer setting is reset on ‘Adaptive’. I’m using nVidia drivers ver. 256.53. I have tried to disable ‘Direct rendering’, but no luck. KDE 4.5.2 Desktop settings are these : OpenGL, Texture From Pixmap, Trilinear (best quality), Use VSync.

I would like to set PowerMizer to max. performance always on boot or if someone knows a fix for this, please tell me.


Looks like you can make an option change in your xorg.conf file though in openSUSE 11.3, the file is not required. If you open a terminal session, become root using **su - **command then enter Xorg -configure, you can make one if it does not exist. If you run nvidia-settings as root, like kdesu nvidia-settings, you can get it to modify the file for you and then make changes to it as suggested in this thread.


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For anyone that wants to set the nVidia PowerMizer to full power always :
nvidia-settings -a [gpu:0]/GPUPowerMizerMode=1

It took me a long time to find this thing on a post in nVidia forums. Set it back to 0 if you want to enable Adaptive Mode.

It does not require the Xorg configuration file. If you want place it in KDE autostart (you can place it in KDE’s Autostart).


In my opinion maybe you must change your driver. Read this SDB:NVIDIA the hard way - openSUSE

The screen flickering occurs in Windows as well. I’ve searched and it seems to be a problem with some 8600M GT video cards (more info here). I could be fixed if you find the right video bios to flash (I’m not that skilled at this and I know it’s very very hard to recover after a bad firmware flash on video cards, so I will not try this). Of course, another fix is to get an older driver (one that doesn’t handle PowerMizer - i tried in Windows and it works -, but again I don’t recommend it since it is a laptop video card and I think the battery will be drained very quickly if the Powermizer does not control the speed of GPU/memory).

Anyway, thanks for the help. openSuSE is still my 1st choice ! :cool: