Nvidia Optimus technology

Hi everybody i’ve just installed openSUSE 11.4 on my laptop,but i don’t know howto take advanteges of Nvidia Optimus technology in linux?
does any body knows any thing about it?any help?:frowning:


The Optimus tehcnology is not yet available for Linux.

If you can disable it via the BIOS, you should do it. If you do not do it, you will be unable to use the proprietary driver of your card.

I have an ASUS N43JM ,and i want to know is it possible to disable GT435 graphic card without any trouble?


You’ll have to chekc in your BIOS if you can disable the optimus technology. I heard it is possible.

Maybe you, hadi0x7c7, have already disabled (or not enabled) your Nividia graphic card under your linux system?

Currently I am fiddling around with a notebook that has Nividia optimus technology.
I had to google and guess around to change some BIOS settings.
Only aver that I was able to boot linux based Live CDs (without a completely broken graphic output).
If I look at the result(s) of

/sbin/lspci -nnk

(or lspci -nnk under Knoppix)
I am able to see the data of the Nivida Graphic Card
but there is no “driver in use” listed for the Nivida Graphic Card
(in contrast to the Intel Graphic onboard device).
I guess that means that the system has not loaded any driver for the Nividia Card
and so is not using that graphic card at all.

But that is just a guess.
I have to confess that I think that this matter is way to high for me to understand it fully or even mostly.

For further information on hybrid graphics on Linux based systems and the trying to develop Linux based switching software for that you/someone (especially willing testers) might try a look at

Good luck!