nvidia optimus on opensuse 12.3

Hello guys.
Sorry for my english, I’m italian.

On my PC, I have 2 graphic cards: intel (integrated) + nvidia gt540m. Optimus don’t work of course.
I would like to use intel graphic card for standard application and activate the nvidia card only if necessary. If the switch isn’t possible, I prefer to use only the intel card because I want to conserve battery life.
How I must to do? I need a detailed guide because I’m new on opensuse and on linux in general.

At the moment I didn’t install any proprietary drivers on my PC.

You need to install the proprietary NVIDIA driver and bumblebee. Look for thread about bumblebee for more info

I saw this thread http://forums.opensuse.org/english/get-technical-help-here/hardware/484188-setup-bumblebee-primus-opensuse-12-3-a.html , but i didn’t understand the correct procedure to install the proprietary nvidia drivers and bumblebee.

Try this one


That requires a proper bumblebee config first, see Smithfarm - the Brain: openSUSE 12.3: How to install ‘bumblebee’ for NVIDIA Optimus VGA

So I have to follow only this guide to item 13? I would like to use INTEL graphic card for standard application and activate the NVIDIA card only if necessary.

If you anticipate not having to use NVidia at all, don’t worry about it. By default it should use the Intel chip, and be fine. These optimus setups are usually using high-end Intel chips so you should still get stellar performance.