nvidia, nv, nouveau, randr, xorg.conf

Hi, all,

I just switched from debian lenny and installed opensuse 11 64-bit. My graphics card is an nVidia gt 7600. I have two monitors, a NEC LCD resolution 1600x1200 and a very old Samsung CRT resolution 1280x1024. I installed the latest nvidia driver “the hard way” in order to have dual monitors. For quite some time now the nvidia driver has failed to regulate the graphics card fan speed, so the fan runs at full tilt all the time, making an annoying hissing sound. Which I can live with.

BUT, I’d really like to take advantage of randr, which nvidia doesn’t support and likely never will support. In particular, I’d like to be able to rotate my LCD and have portrait mode available for editing digital images, leaving the CRT display not rotated.

Is this even possible? Can randr allow one to rotate the display on one monitor and leave the display on the other monitor not rotated? I think so, based on this article: url=http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=927&num=1][Phoronix] A Newbie’s Guide To RandR 1.2

This article:
nouveau Wiki - InstallNouveau tells how to install nouveau, with a separate page devoted to where to find the opensuse rpms.

But I’m afraid I don’t quite understand all the steps. I “fear to tread where no other opensuse user has gone before”. I need someone to walk me through the steps or at least assure me that I won’t end up with a totally borked system. Is there anyone who’s successfully using randr and nouveau? Do I need nouveau? Will nv work?

The reason I installed the nvidia driver is because sax2 steadfastly refused to admit that I had two monitors attached to the computer. So I uninstalled sax2, modified my old debian xorg.conf and put the modified xorg.conf in place of what opensuse 11 auto-generated. If anyone is interested, I can post my xorg.conf. I do have dual-monitor working just fine. But alas that hissing in the background continues nonstop and I don’t have any of that tantalizing “resize and rotate” goodness that I’d like to have. Plus eliminating the proprietary driver would be nice, too.

Thanks in advance for any advice,

I do not recommend using the nouveau drivers. Stick the nvidia drivers you should be able to set the settings in the nvidia control panel.
Open a condole and type sudo nvidia-settings then your root password.
You should see both monitors under display settings and be able to set the resolutions