Nvidia Monitor recognition issue

hi guys,
i’m new to opensuse so yeah got those annoying initial setup problems to consult u seasonsed vets…
anyway this is how it goes… i’ve got the 8800GTS card on my computer, and i’m currenlty using a ChiMei 221D LCD monitor as well as a LG CRT.
the drivers installed quite well and i can get teh effects working, however the card failed to recognise the monitor and believes that the monitor only supports up to 640x320.
i’ve tried using the x config program from Nvidia, and there are times when i can get the 1600x1080 resolution, however the monitor goes into scrolling mode, displaying only 640x320 at anyone time…

however as long as i log off x everything’s displayed at the right resolution…
anyone had a similar problem?
i have had this problem while i was on Ubuntu… so i’m sure it’s a driver issue more than anything
any help will be appreciated

I’ve had this exact same problem for both the RC’s and final. I’m still trying to find a way to resolve it. Vesa works when testing it in a virtualbox.

Installing 11.0 went without any hitch, I wasn’t asked to choose my monitor (Samsung Syncmaster 940BF) or Video Card (Nvidia 6800). The login screen on first boot is a huge scrambled mess with one part of the login field visible only.

Switching to a console, oddly the resolution and display is perfect. I dont know if this is a problem with xorg, the monitor configuration or the video card, all I can do is stay with 10.3 for now.

I’m not sure what I can do to help, I just wanted you to know you’re far from being the only person with this issue.

Can’t You just use nvidia-settings, set up proper resolution and make xorg.conf read only??

No. nvidia-settings, YaST and sax2 seemingly do not help in certain cases (mine : with a 7600 GS ans a Samsung 940NW).

No panic : you just have to update some lines in /etc/X11/xorg.conf . I detailed what I did (after many hours of trial-and error !) in the OpenSuse hardware database, entry “Syncmaster 940NW”. If your display is 1440x900@60 Hz, that shoud suit you fine as well :wink:

Here : HCL/Monitors - openSUSE

hi guys,

good to know that i’m not along in this problem,
with regards to nvidia settings, it just refuse to acknowledge anything greater than 640x320,
in the suse’s display settings, the monitor’s actually 1680x1050, but i don’t think it matters to the graphics card…