NVIDIA latest beta for latest cards 'the hard way'

Lately a lot of people with new laptops find the stable NVIDIA driver does not support their card. I’ve been posting this numerous times, this seems to be the place where it belongs. I’ll see to updating the version numbers after testing the latest beta released driver.
Lines starting with ++ are comments/explanation.

Pre-NVIDIA install:
Open Software Installer, choose PATTERN view.
Check “Linux Kernel Development”
Click Accept

NVIDIA install (when reinstall, start at “++actual install” stop at “++Configure X…”)

Open a terminal window and do:

++ prepare some things

mkdir NVIDIA


++ a folder NVIDIA is created in /home/YOURUSERNAME and entered

++ now on a 32bit system do:

wget ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/190.36/NVIDIA-Linux-x86-190.36-pkg1.run

++ on a 64bit system do:

wget ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/190.36/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-190.36-pkg2.run

++ this downloads the driver from the NVIDIA site, into current folder

++ actual install

++ now on 32bit do:
su -c ‘sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-190.36-pkg1.run -q’

++ on 64bit do:
su -c ‘sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-190.36-pkg2.run -q’

++ Enter rootpassword when asked for. The installer will start, Accept the license, hit OK when asked for, until finished.

++ Configure X-server to use the driver :

su -c ‘sax2 -r -m0=nvidia’

++ Enter rootpassword. MIND: after the -m is a ZERO. Click Change Configuration, check values for videocard and monitor resolition. Save and exit.

++ Driver is now installed and configured. On next kernel update there’s no need for the sax2 command, since Xorg is already configured to use the nvidia driver.

++ Now we need to change to runlevel 5 to get your gui back:

su -c ‘init 5 && exit’

++ Enter rootpassword and you should be presented with the kdm login screen.


Bad luck your tutorial just got “outdated” one day after writing it.

So I will add some “compatibility code” to your HowTo.

The latest released and prerelease drivers are announced here.

Current NVIDIA Linux graphics driver releases - nV News Forums

At the time of writing this, the latest prerelease was 190.40, so one will have to adapt file names and download links accordingly.

The “easiest” (which lies in the eye of the beholder) way for finding the appropriate DL-links, would be to follow the links in the announcement thread.