Nvidia laptops and SUSE Prime

Somethings up with laptops and 6.0.8 kernel. 6.0.3 is fine.

Nvidia based laptop withing with 6.0.8 and switcher or something isn’t working so you get stuck at a black screen with suse-prime package install. Removing suse-prime fixes the issue, but if it’s broke it should be fixed and not auto install with nvidia drivers. Acer laptop 10th Gen i5 and RTX 3050 Ti. Same issue fresh install on laptop with RTX 3070.

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On these systems do you really need suse-prime, if prime render offload works manually?

Are you running the nvidia rpms, or installing from the run file?

I’ve helped a couple of users on IRC in the last week or so to change over to switcherooctl, if a) suse-prime is removed, b) running X11 and c) can see both cards in the output of xrandr --listproviders.

No don’t need suse-prime but it’s installed by default.

Default Nvidia install. Enabling the repo through Yast and installing Nvidia drivers.

I install the hard way here, so don’t see this issue, suggest you raise a bug report… openSUSE:Submitting bug reports - openSUSE

Don’t feel like creating an account to make a bug report. But there were 8 of us all new fresh installs with RTX 3000 series laptops who experienced the same issue. Setup with YaST or auto-detect install via command-line.

Suse-prime blacklisting the nvidia modules or something. Something to be looked at.

It’s the same login as the forum, you already created the account when logging into the forum… as with other parts of the openSUSE infrastructure.

Ok then made a bug report.

Thanks very much :slight_smile: