Nvidia Issues / 3d Acceleration

My card says 3d acceleration is turned off (actually PlayOnLinux is what’s telling me this) and I am not sure how to make it work.


OpenSUSE 11.0 - 64 bit
AMD Athlon 3800 2.4 ghz 64-bit single-core cpu
2.5 gb mismatched brand DDR PC 3200 800mhz RAM
1 TB Western Digital Caviar Green hard disk
GeForce 6600 Nvidia graphics card 512 mb DDR, 128 bit version

Installed Nvidia drivers through 1-click / yast (64-bit version for opensuse 11.0-64-bit)

I have working video, but apparently no 3d acceleration, I have wine running but nvidia drivers are installed to opensuse not wine

My level of proficiency:
I can run a command line, but for specific commands i would prefer to see EXACTLY what you want, such as the command line text that I can either copy paste or input manually

Also, if anyone here games and thinks PlayOnLinux is a better choice for playing newer titles than Wine let me know

A quick a dirty way to see if you have 3D accel open a terminal type glxgears.

this will bring up an animation and report the FPS (frames per sec) in the terminal If FPS is over 1000 then you have 3D and openGL is working. If it does not run or the FPS is low you probably do not have 3D

Never heard of PlayOnLinux

A more reliable way of finding out about 3D-acceleration is

glxinfo | grep rendering

If the output says ‘direct rendering: Yes’, then you got it.

Please post the output of /etc/X11/xorg.conf (in case it’s there). That might help us to isolate the problem. Are there any other 3D-applications you have tried yet?