Nvidia installs (pae) kernel and default. Which do I use?

This has happened three times now and being new to linux not sure what I can do next.

My Dell 1720 has nVIDIA 8400M GS for a video card. Since the drivers where not installed from the dvd I installed them through Install Software where I selected the nvidia-gfxG01-kmp-default module but for some reason it also installs the nvidia-gfxG01-kmp-pae module. I did not selected the (pae) one.

I do have 3 gigs of RAM on my laptop but isn’t the (pae) kernel for 4+ gigs?

Everything worsk fine so far but I’m not sure about when I boot up, do I use the (pae) kernel or the (default) The boot loader shows both of them and my windows one.

Does it matter which one I use and do I just remove the one I don’t want from the boot loader?

I do plan on maxing out the RAM (4gigS) on my Laptop eventually so should I just stick with (pae)


You should just use the default kernel

You are right about the the pae kernel and 4gb+ of ram:
Physical Address Extension - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If you have more than 4gb at some time in the future then you should just use the 64bit version anyway

Thanks for the info!

They’re the same thing IMHO. If you want to check then look at menu.lst which will show you the exact kernel file, I think you’ll see they’'re te same kernel. Do this command in a console to see:

sudo cat /boot/grub/menu.lst

I’d check it but I just uninstalled the (pae) Nvidia drivers and removed the (pae) instances from Grub.

I did have a weird start up into (default) for the first time as it said it could not find my home directory. After rebooting once more everything seems to worked ok.

@swerdna: That’s twice you’ve said that, so I’ve got to disagree.
There are two DIFFERENT ‘defaults’…the one you’re talking about, and
the other separate kernel that can be installed via Yast. Go into
‘Install Software’, type ‘kernel’ and scroll down to all the packages
beginning with ‘kernel-’ and you’ll see both default and pae, along
with debug, etc. They’re all separately installable.

It’s a bug in Nvidia installer that is installing ‘pae’ kernel even for those
of us that have only 1GB of memory! You end up with both
kernels. I know because I removed the unwanted ‘pae’ kernel from
my ndivia-based machine, and watched while numerous others
posted a confused :eek:

OK I’m one of the :eek: ppl too because I’ve got Nvidia and pae and didn’t even know it. Despite just 2 Gb RAM. And when I “scroll” down in Yast I see the default, but luckily it’s not installed for me – I’ve got pae only, which is working fine (so far). Should I be concerned about that?