nvidia hard way

I tried installing the driver for the gt220 through the nvidia repo to no avail. I thought I would give the hard way a shot. I uninstalled the driver through the repo. What else if anything should I do to make sure everything is uninstalled before I try the hard way. Any help is appreciated. I am using 11.2

The only other thing I would do is disable the Nvidia repo.

Your driver should be ready to install.

nVidia 1-click has been updated now and the Wiki should reflect this.


Thanks for that info. I will give the one click method a try. Now if this jacks up my system how can I go about getting it back without having to reinstall? Thanks for you help.

To recover a failed nVidia driver installation;
Before booting the system type 3 into the grub, this will boot you into “console only”, then login as root and type switch2nv followed by init 5