NVIDIA GTX 770 -works ?


I’m thinking of a dual GTX 770 set up (with i7 CPU), how does it performs on Linux ? makes use of both GPU ? or… is it buggy ?

Works out of the Box for me (with default drivers). Installing the Nvidia-Drivers required me to boot tih nomodeset in grub, but everything works great.

And how did you install it?

If you use the RPMs from the nvidia repo this should NOT be necessary, as they create a blacklist file to prevent loading of the nouveau kernel module.

I cannot say anything about the original question though, as I never tried to use two graphics cards.

I installed it with Yast and the Nvidia-Repo but it still required me to do so, altough the blacklist-file was set correctly.

I forgot to mention: I use two Palit GTX 770 Jetstream

Thanks for the responses, considering a Mac now. Linux drivers can be problematic.