nvidia geforce 7800 gt graphics card not in HCL

Goodday. I did not find my graphics card in the HCL/Nvidia video cards thread. I looked in YaST for drivers & found none. My desktop pc freezes after the system loads so I cannot use my system. I understand about the level ‘3’ boot option for tty input. How would I download/run the nvidia installer from tty?

Lets see if we can get the desktop up again

log in as root


sax2 -m 0=vesa


This will tell the os to use the generic vesa driver which should work with all cards.

I think the current propritary drive should work with 7800 based cards.

Here is how to install the driver once you get the desktop back

NVIDIA drivers - openSUSE

Good morning & thanks so much for your quick response. I re-installed openSUSE 11.2 which gave me the desktop back. I installed the NVIDIA driver with the one-click choice for my graphics card & everything is ok:)

thanks. I also tried the install, one click. didn’t work for me. I have the 7800 dual head. I get a signal on a SONY 200SX CRT monitor, but not on my ViewSonic 1080p flat panel, it says “no signal” and the power LED turn blue to yellow.

This hardware setup works fine in Windows7, even has the onboard video working, for 3 working monitors.

system is dual boot. MB is gigabyte G31M-ES2

Oh yeah, I’m stuck at 1024 X 768 50hz resolution as the only option. and I’m using a DVI to SVGA adapter on the Sony monitor. another MAG 17" also works on same video output, neither indicates signal on the other graphics port. the nvidia port that’s “working” is the one closest to the motherboard.

thanks for your help

If you are using multiple monitors you need to set them up.

This may help

Configuring graphics cards/Dual Head Mode - openSUSE